Sustainably sourced timber is at the core (and roots) of everything we do at Streif UK. While we’ve highlighted our winning sustainable building materials and talked more about green building materials in sustainable spaces, we thought it was time to spotlight Binderholz’s 100% PEFC-certified solid wood for construction KVH®.

What is KVH timber?

To create the Streif UK sustainable building systems, we mainly use Binderholz’s solid wood for construction KVH®. A solid wood product made of spruce or pine for maximum quality, KVH® is kiln dried for extra construction strength. For optimum quality, the lumber’s produced to international standards and subject to controls beyond the general building requirements.

Brandenberg pine is one example of the sustainably sourced timber used to create solid wood for construction KVH®. A popular choice for modern construction, Brandenburg pine brings the following benefits:

  • Slow growing for sustainability
  • Consistent product quality
  • Easy processing and workability
  • Durable and resilient building material
  • Different dimensions and types of surface
  • Economical choice

Sustainably sourced timber production at Binderholz mills

With nine large-scale sawmills worldwide, quality control starts when the timber trunks are sorted by Binderholz’s tech and team for the most suitable application.

Stripped and cut to size, the timber is dried in chambers that are heated by the waste heating of biomass heating power plants. Staying true to their zero waste commitment, these same power plants are fuelled by waste timber made into densified biofuels for full-circle sustainability:

“After their delivery, Binderholz processes the trunks nearly completely into sawn timber, solid timber panels, glulam and CLT BBS. Waste timber as production by-products –– such as bark, cut-off pieces, wood chips, sawdust and shavings –– are processed into biofuels in the form of pellets and briquettes or converted into climate-neutral thermal energy or green electricity in our proprietary biomass combined heat and power station…”

Sustainably sourced timber for Streif UK’s closed panel frame systems is produced at fives sites across Germany – Kösching, Burgbernheim, Oberrot, Baruth and Wolfegg. This provides easy transport to our offsite manufacturing facility in the Eifel region.

Find out more about Binderholz timber production.

Using both FSC and PEFC certification

According to the Forestry Commission, deforestation is the second largest source of global greenhouse gas emissions. Construction is responsible for a large proportion of felled timber so, as building system manufacturers, we have a huge responsibility to source sustainable timber from certified, managed forests that replant trees.

With this, and our Environment & Sustainability Policy, in mind we use 100% PEFC-certified timber products. The difference between the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) is the origin of the timber. While the FSC certification system was developed for the tropics, the PEFC facilitates Europe and North America. Since our sustainably sourced timber comes from Europe, we use PEFC-certified timber as standard.

In their company values, Binderholz boasts that resource efficiency is at their heart. They believe in the responsible use of wood as a natural resource, processing everything from core to bark:

“All Binderholz production sites meet the strict PEFC standards and are certified under these standards. The PEFC seal certifies the sustainability of the Binderholz value creation chain, from the raw material to the finished product.

“The use of timber from sustainably managed forests and the environmentally friendly and proper use of resources are regularly monitored by [an] independent third party.

Your sustainably sourced timber building system

There are two major considerations for your next sustainable build. Will it stand the test of time? Will you still be around to see it?

By using PEFC-certified timber from Binderholz as the main structural material for both timber panels and cassettes, our closed panel timber frame system blends construction efficiency with environmental sustainability.

You can even optimise the sustainability of your build by using our new System Selector tool to check U-values and upgrade thermal conductivity where possible.

What’s more, we keep emissions low when transporting our offsite solutions for construction and keep waste to an absolute minimum during the build. All round, Streif UK has a lower environmental impact than your traditional building system supplier.

Contact us to discuss your next home, workspace or educational project and make the most of sustainably sourced timber.