The Streif System


Wall Panels

STREIF now offers the widest range of closed and advanced wall panels in the offsite timber frame industry, combining German engineering with British design. Manufactured under controlled factory conditions, all panels come fully insulated and boarded, ready for taping and jointing,

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Floor Cassettes

STREIF’s heavy duty floor cassette system now provides an attractive alternative to lightweight timber or heavy concrete systems in upper storey floor construction. Manufactured under controlled factory conditions to provide a robust and completely level platform, they’re ready to receive floor coverings or secondary systems.

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Roof Cassettes

STREIF’s heavy duty roof cassette system is the ideal solution for mono pitched roofs, flat roofs and rooms in the roof, and especially where buildings need to be made watertight fast. Manufactured under controlled factory conditions and already felt battened and insulated, they’re ready to receive all types of roof coverings immediately.

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