About Us

A tradition of excellence in construction

The STREIF GmbH of today emerged from Germany’s first specialized concrete formwork company, which was founded in 1929 by Josef Streif in Frankfurt Main. In the following years, the company developed into one of the major construction companies in Germany.

Our Commitment to Innovation and Progress

Amongst other achievements, STREIF’s patented formwork was used in the construction of the Berlin Olympics Stadium, the Frankfurt Exhibition Tower, The ICC in Berlin and the East Terminal at Frankfurt Airport.

A new era began with a diversification into the field of pre-fabricated housing in 1964. The seventies, eighties and nineties saw continual growth and by this time STREIF had established itself as the offsite market leader in family housing. Several sister companies were also created during these years and one of these companies, STREIF Industrial Facilities, gained an excellent international reputation in the setting up of factories for offsite production.

Fourteen complete manufacturing plants were planned, built and handed over during this period, including the world’s largest pre-fabricated housing factory in the Siberian city of Tyumen, which can produce up to 5000 houses per year.

A Strong Focus on Quality Construction

In the early 2000s, STREIF underwent a complete modernisation programme, and developed a design and manufacturing process that allowed its increasingly affluent clients to tailor make almost limitless house types from a large but fixed set of building components. Since then, STREIF’s main thrust has been in the provision of bespoke turnkey houses for individual clients across Europe, and the continued supply of more generic house types through the acquisition in 2006 of Schwabenhaus GmbH, which is a brand leader in this sector.

2009 saw the eightieth anniversary of the company and a continuing diversification and return into the field of larger project building for commercial clients in Germany, the UK and Luxembourg. Over the last decade, STREIF has built schools, care homes, halls of residence, apartment blocks, holiday parks and housing schemes amongst other projects, and as the advantages of offsite construction become more apparent to all concerned this market is expected to grow.

Streif UK Ethos

Experience, Quality & Service

No matter which market it operates in or who it serves, STREIF will continue to focus on quality, experience, innovation and service. It's a recipe that has kept the company ahead for over eighty years now and it's something that all of STREIF's future clients can look forward to.