The Streif System

Offsite Manufacture

Offsite Manufacture from Streif

The STREIF factory is situated in the Eifel region of Germany just across the border from Belgium and is less than a four hour drive from the Channel Tunnel. Built in the 1970s, and large enough to produce up to 1500 houses per year, the factory provides a practical balance between automation and traditional hand crafting.

The Production Process

Precision Engineered Offsite

Machine automation allows for the rapid and efficient handling of standard panels and cassettes, whilst hand crafting allows STREIF to produce a whole range of non-standard elements. The result is an ability to manufacture almost any kind of building and a flexibility in design that is beyond most of STREIF’s competitors.

Production can be stepped up or down depending on demand, and up to three shifts a day can be operated if required. This means that even the tightest deadlines can be met.



The Production Process

Machine Automation

The recently refurbished STREIF factory is home to our Hundegger K2i timber CNC machine. This is one of the most versatile and accurate joinery machines on the market today and able to carry out multiple different cutting and profiling operations.

The approved production drawings and data files from the 3D Model are automatically transferred from our Dietrich’s CAD/CAM software to the Hundegger machine in preparation for production. Every timber element is then processed with total accuracy and packaged ready for the next stage of the production process.

The Production Process

Manufacturing Tables

The STREIF factory has multiple production lines where our bespoke closed timber panels & cassettes are fabricated.

Assembly tables ensure all the timber frame elements are manufactured with a high degree of dimensional accuracy after which we incoporate the other elements of our system, such as the insulation, closed boarding, windows/doors, vapour barriers, breather membranes and external insulation plus finishes.

A number of the tables on the production line are butterfly turning tables which enable us to process both sides of the panels and cassettes with ease, rapidly turning the building element with minimal interruption to the flow of production.

The Production Process

Time to Deliver

Integrating as many elements as possible into our system in the factory ensures that we acheive an unparralleled level of quality and consistency across all our products. In fact the factory process and our quality management system is fully audited to ISO 9001 standards.

Once the panels and cassettes have been manufactured and thoroughly checked for quality they are loaded on to specially designed articulated trailers and readied for delivery to site. The journey to the UK is a well trodden route, the articulated lorries carrying your building components travel by road from the factory to Rotterdam in Holland, and then by freight ferry to Purfleet in the UK. The trailers then pass through customs and head out to their final destination, your site.

Streif UK Auditing

ISO 9001 : Quality Management System

STREIF undergoes a voluntary and continuous process of external auditing and monitoring to ensure that its quality standards are maintained and improved on year on year.

ISO 9001 Certificate