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The experts in offsite construction

STREIF UK is at the forefront of offsite manufactured buildings, leading the way in quality, design and innovation.

The Future is Offsite

We provide precision engineered integrated offsite solutions for the construction industry, with the aim of simplifying the construction process through the use of offsite manufacturing.

Streif specialises in the Education, Affordable Housing and Private Residential markets, delivering our modular building system to a broad range of clients across the public and private sectors.

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Our Approach

STREIF is committed to the integrated provision of the highest quality buildings for its customers, and to the belief that any business partnership must be based on two indispensable factors – reliability and performance.

Buildings are built by people, and we at STREIF are as diverse as the products we make and the services we provide. But in that diversity, we have one thing in common – total dedication to the needs of our clients and a wish to see their desires fulfilled.

We will continue to focus on quality, service and innovation in every aspect of our actions, and to always think of tomorrow when we plan our buildings for today.

Our Ambition

By using only renewable and non-toxic materials, combined with our quality craftsmanship and our innovative technologies, STREIF aims to provide its clients with future proof solutions that are environmentally friendly, energy efficient and cost effective.

We would like to ensure the successful transfer of German high quality offsite manufacturing into the UK market and to build up the local resource base to support it. STREIF will continue to train its local operatives and to work with clients, architects and engineers in the UK to design and deliver buildings that are fit for a sustainable future.

We have everything we need to get started, so let’s build it.

Our Responsibility

STREIF recognizes the importance of conducting its business in a socially responsible manner. This is demonstrated by the way we deal with our employees, customers and the wider community in which we operate.

STREIF considers that corporate social responsibility is an integral part of good business practice, and we aim to adopt and apply best practice sustainability principles by ensuring that environmental, social and economic parameters are all considered in the delivery of our products and services.

Our Team

STREIF has an experienced team both on and off site who have delivered many projects across multiple sectors. A few of our key personnel are listed below.

Bill Treves - Managing Director

Bill Treves

Managing Director

Tony Cameron - Operations Director

Tony Cameron

Operations Director

Andrew Isaac - Lead Designer

Andrew Isaac

Lead Designer

Tom Weller - Project Manager

Tom Weller

Project Manager