The sixteen week STREIF process is designed to be simple, effective and flexible so you get the building you want, without delay. Below is a summary of the key stages for a typical building project.

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Client Meetings

Initial Client Meetings

The client approaches STREIF with a scheme proposal, be that at planning, post planning or working drawing stage. The STREIF team will carefully talk through the client’s requirements in terms of building design, performance and budget, and then issue a full written specification and quotation. Revisions and options can then proceed if required.

Week 0

Contract Signing

Once the overall design and price has been fixed and the client has decided to go ahead with the project, STREIF will ask for a JCT contract to be signed. Performance bonds, collateral warranties and ultimate parent company guarantees are all dealt with at this stage if required. The sixteen week production process can now begin.

Client Meeting

week 0-11

Design Stage

Our experienced design technicians take the client’s drawings and systematically translate them into a full set of production drawings and British Standard structural calculations. This process involves careful liaison with the client’s design team and our attendance at as many design team meetings as necessary. No stone is left unturned.

Weeks 12 Onwards

Offsite Manufacture

The factory drawings are checked by the client’s design team, and once they have been signed off, the STREIF factory whirrs into action. Each part of the building is constructed either as a flat panel, a cassette or a volumetric unit, and it’s all done under ideal conditions. To see the entire journey from tree to house, take a look at the TV video opposite.

Offsite Manufacturing Plant Factory

Weeks 12-15

Onsite Programming

A detailed plan is made between STREIF, the client, and any other contractors involved in the build. This ensures the time on site is kept to an absolute minimum and any potential risks are identified early on. Lorry trailer schedules, building element manifests, crew working patterns and a full construction phase health and safety plan are all provided to the client.

Weeks 15 Onwards


The finished panels are checked carefully for quality before being loaded onto specially designed lorries. About one storey per lorry is possible for a normal detached house. The lorries deliver directly from the STREIF factory to the site, where they either wait to be unloaded by crane as the building goes up, or they operate a trailer shuttle service.

Week 16 Onwards

Onsite Assembly

The majority of the hard work has been done offsite in the factory. The panels and cassettes arrive on site in strict order and are safely craned into position and fixed, quickly making the building weather-tight. A pair of semi-detached houses would typically take four days to build as you can watch in the time lapse video opposite.

Week ...

Finished Building

On completion of the building envelope, a comprehensive snagging and quality checking process is gone through before final handover over to the client. A ten year UK warranty will then be offered, backed up by STREIF’s standard thirty year structural guarantee.