Wall Panels

The Streif Wall Panel system

STREIF now offers the widest range of closed and advanced wall panels in the offsite timber frame industry, combining German engineering with British design.

Streif Wall Panels

Manufacturing Process

Manufactured under controlled factory conditions, all panels come fully insulated and boarded, ready for taping and jointing, with the windows and doors already fitted.

The solid timber framework is strong – at a minimum of 140mm x 60mm, C24 graded, Scots Pine, PEFC, 15% (±3%) moisture content, and fully treated to last.

Streif Wall Panels

About the System

British Gypsum fibreboard is used as standard for all internal linings, which is twice as dense, twice as hard and twice as strong as standard plasterboard.

Any external finish is possible from cavity brickwork, to cavity-less render systems, to timber cladding, to tile hanging, to terracotta rain screens – the choice is yours.

The system is very quick – with our highly trained crews all the fully finished internal and external walls of a typical three bedroom house would go up in a day, meeting the highest levels of quality and safety.

U-values range from 0.30 W/m²K down to 0.12 W/m²K, and there’s a choice of finishes, insulation and wall build-ups, with excellent air tightness as standard.

Streif Wall Panels


  • 100% PEFC timber product.
  • Wolmanit CX10 timber treatment.
  • Panel sizes up to 13m long & 3m high.
  • Studs 60mm x 140mm, soles 80mm x 140mm, heads 100 x 140mm minimum.
  • Solid timber construction, not lightweight engineering.
  • Better strength, stability & fire resistance.
  • Better acoustic performance.
  • Very rapid installation rates – a house in a day.
  • Zero site waste & better site safety.
  • Full structural calculations supplied.

Streif Wall Panels


  • Single, double or triple external wall skins systems.
  • Any U-value from 0.30 W/m²K to 0.12 W/m²K.
  • Mineral wool, wood fibre or EPS insulation.
  • With or without windows and doors fitted.
  • Upvc, timber, aluminium, or composite timber aluminium windows.
  • Any acoustic performance from RW = 45, to RW = 80 dB.
  • Any fire resistance from 30 to 90 minutes.
  • Glulam and steelwork integrated within the wall panels.
  • Bespoke openings for M & E services
  • Conduits with draw wires fitted.

Streif UK System

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