Roof Cassettes

The Streif Roof Cassette system

STREIF’s heavy duty roof cassette system is the ideal solution for mono pitched roofs, flat roofs and rooms in the roof, and especially where buildings need to be made watertight fast.

Streif Roof Cassettes

Manufacturing Process

Manufactured under controlled factory conditions our mono pitch roof cassettes come felted, battened and insulated if required. Our flat roof cassettes can be delivered with a factory fitted VCL to add an additional layer of protection during construction.

The solid timber rafters are strong – minimum 200mm x 60mm, C24 graded, Scots Pine, PEFC, 15% (±3%) moisture content, and fully treated to last.

Streif Roof Cassettes

About the System

Single cassettes are up to 13m long and 2.5m wide, and using STREIF’s special connection system almost limitless spans are now possible.

The system is very quick – with our highly trained crews up to 1,000m² of roof cassettes can be installed in a day, meeting the highest levels of quality and safety.

Streif roof cassettes which form part of our building system can be engineered to accept extensive green or blue roofs.

Streif Roof Cassettes


  • 100% PEFC timber product.
  • Wolmanit timber treatment.
  • Cassette sizes up to 13m x 2.5m.
  • Solid timber construction, not I-Joists or Posi-Joists.
  • Better strength, stability and fire resistance.
  • Immediately watertight and ready to go.
  • Ideal for pitched roofs and flat roofs alike.
  • Supply only, Supply and Training or Supply and Fix.
  • Suitable for timber frame and masonry construction types.
  • Built in lifting straps for craneage and crew safety harnesses.
  • Very rapid installation.
  • Zero site waste and better site safety.
  • Full structural calculations supplied.

Streif Roof Cassettes


  • 22mm OSB 3, or 24mm WBP EN636 spruce ply decking.
  • Pre-insulation with up to 240mm mineral wool.
  • Multiple rafter configurations to take the highest loads.
  • Full tile battening at any centres or simply fly battening.
  • Profiling and decorating of exposed rafter feet and soffits.
  • Full Hundegger machining capability for rafter notching.
  • STREIF’s unique folding rafter kits for self assembly.
  • Stand alone felt and batten elements.
  • Tyvek Supro or SIGA Wetgaurd 200SA weather membranes.

Streif UK System

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