We at STREIF pride ourselves on many things, including our eco building of timber homes. We like to enthuse about the many benefits of self build timber houses, but you may have overlooked just how environmentally friendly such houses are. If you have indeed overlooked this, but are particularly eco-conscious, then allow us to enlighten you about the reasons to opt for a house manufactured from timber by STREIF.


Some intriguing results from studies

The Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management – or ECCM – once compared the carbon footprints of three particular structures for homes and uncovered the beneficial effects when more timber was brought into the construction. In this study, the ECCM judged that, amazingly, there could be a reduction of greenhouse gases by as much as 88% when, wherever possible, log or timber structural elements are used instead of other standard construction materials.

In another study, the Consortium for Research on Renewable Industrial Materials, or CORRIM, compared four structures, of which two used woods, one used concrete and another used steel for their wall systems. According to the report prepared by the Consortium, the steel wall system produced about a third more greenhouse gases than the wood systems, while the concrete wall made 80% more greenhouse gases than the wood systems. The report added that the wood structures, compared to the steel and concrete homes, made better use of energy and did not as adversely affect air and water quality.


Wall panels made from timber can mean better eco building

Timber wall panels from STREIF are, of course, made from basically one product: timber. It is often more advantageous for the environment when people use timber wall panelling from STREIF rather than wall panelling made from several different materials. That’s because the production of the latter panelling often necessitates much greater energy consumption and carbon dioxide generation than the production of timber wall panelling from STREIF.


An important point

Many of us are regularly reminded of the importance of considering the environmental impact of much of what we do. Hence, you are likely to appreciate how more possible eco building is thanks to off-site construction services from STREIF.