One of the best ways of demonstrating the visual benefits of timber frame buildings, like the timber houses that are available through self build manufacturing services from STREIF, is pointing out timber frame buildings that already exist. As STREIF began as a German company and many people in the UK like to holiday in Germany, it makes sense for us to note how you can see visually appealing timber frame buildings in Germany.


Germany has no shortage of timber frame buildings

Germany is among the countries with the most half-timbered buildings, making the country ideal to visit for people who want to get a good idea of the variety of visual styles that timber homes and other timber buildings can have. These people don’t even have to stick to just the country’s major cities; Germany has a large number of small towns that have averted both war damage and modernisation and as a result, have no shortage of timber houses.


Particularly worthy German places in which to see timber frame buildings

Someone spending time in Germany to see many of the timber buildings there should perhaps start their sightseeing by following the tourist route with the wonderfully self-explanatory name of the German Timber-Frame Road. This tourist route measures over 2,000 kilometres – or 1,200 miles – long and crosses through states including Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia and Bavaria.

Towns that we would especially recommend that people visit to see visually pleasing timber frame buildings include Quedlinburg, which is a UNESCO listed town with more than 1,200 half-timbered homes of many different historical periods, and Biberach an der Riß, which is home to the Holy Spirit Hospital, the country’s biggest medieval complex.


There is a north-south divide of sorts

Many people who want to see timber buildings similar to those in the Netherlands and England should spend more time in the northern states of Germany, while the country’s more southern states, particularly Bavaria, are worthier to visit for people interested in timber decoration. However, there is a good diversity of timber houses and timber buildings of other types right across the country, so people visiting Germany to see such buildings are in for a big treat!