Have you ever noticed that, when you browse one of those historic homes that were once privately occupied for centuries but are now open to the public, there is often a great feeling of calm and tranquility that makes you feel wonderfully relaxed? It’s likely to make you wonder whether many of our ancestors were often similarly relaxed in their everyday lives compared to some of us today. There’s definitely something soothing about many old homes, but you can still enjoy a similar feeling in certain modern homes, such as the timber homes made by STREIF.


You can remind yourself of a more seemingly romantic time

One big reason why timber homes made with use of off-site manufacturing by STREIF can be particularly relaxing to live in is that timber has been used for constructing buildings in the UK since as far back as the Neolithic period. Hence, living in a timber home can make you feel as though you live in a rather simpler time, when you were more likely to hear chirping birds outside your house than the roar of car engines and much of the country seemed less bustling due to the much smaller population. Let’s face it, there are good reasons why many of us are obsessed with reminding ourselves of the Britain of centuries past by watching historical dramas and films and reading Jane Austen novels. The past often just seems so much more romantic…


Many self build timber houses simply look good!

Another easy-to-overlook reason why timber homes can be pleasant to live in is that, well, they simply look good. If you are the type of person who thinks that much modern architecture looks too much like the kind of thing that you would see in a futuristic science fiction film, then you are especially likely to appreciate the more historical, classy appearance of self build timber houses from STREIF. When you see many of the beautiful historic timber homes that remain standing in some of the particularly historical areas of the country, such as York, it’s easy to see why these parts of the country are successful in attracting tourists.