The town of Golden, located in the province of British Columbia on Canada’s west coast, has a population of just a few thousand people, but has nonetheless become popular with tourists. This is largely due to its attractions including Kicking Horse Mountain Resort and other outdoor adventure companies. Plus, the town looks set to soon start benefitting from another attraction: a craft brewery. We have certainly found details of this project interesting to read about, but what has – unsurprisingly – particularly piqued the interest of us at the off site manufacturing firm STREIF is that this brewery could be built with use of, among other materials, timber frame.

A new exciting attraction for the beer tourism map?

It has been reported that two men, called Kent Donaldson and Mark Nagao, have long been in discussion concerning the possibility of opening a brewery in Golden and have recently decided to put the idea into action. Donaldson has envisioned the brewery as a proper tourist destination, having declared: “It’ll have a tasting hall, it’ll have retail, a special events area, tours, growler sales and possibly limited food service”. There has been an increasing number of microbreweries opening across British Columbia and the northwest United States, and Donaldson has expressed his intention for his “destination brewery” to “appeal to locals, tourists and beer tourists”.

“It’ll probably be one of the nicest looking commercial buildings in Golden”

Donaldson has described the proposed potential building for the brewery as “pretty sharp”, adding: “It’ll probably be one of the nicest looking commercial buildings in Golden”. He also expressed his optimism that he and Mr. Nagao will take only weeks to receive development approval for the project and his hope that construction of the brewery will commence in the autumn. The design which has been proposed for the brewery but still awaits approval from the Town is set to possibly include, along with much glass and rock, timber frame.

Self build timber frame can be great for commercial projects

One significant reason why we have drawn attention to this brewery project is that we consider it a worthy reminder that self build timber frame, like that commonly used by STREIF for off site construction, can be effective for use in building commercial structures, not just timber homes. We can provide timber wall panels and roof and floor cassettes for commercial structures that are more than fit for the purpose of helping to provide for great corporate success.