Brownfield sites to be used for construction homes of many new UK


There is, naturally, pressure for many new homes to be constructed in the UK as the country’s population grows. However, there is also pressure for many beautiful greenfield sites to be preserved rather than used as places to construct new homes. Many people love to enjoy pieces of the country’s “green and pleasant land”, to borrow a familiar phrase from poet William Blake. This likely explains why the UK government has recently decided to permit construction of thousands of new homes on unused and previously developed land. Below, we explain more about the government’s plans in this area and why STREIF can assist in building of many new homes in the UK.


30 new housing zones on British brownfield sites


The plans are intended to help to resolve long-standing home supply issues in the UK and are expected to see local councils heavily involved in fast-tracking of brownfield sites, including sites with outline planning permission in Local Development Orders, known in shorthand as LDOs. Such arrangements should help to accelerate the rate at which new homes are built. According to the government, it has been estimated that the plans will see granting of permissions for as many as 200,000 new homes by 2020. The government and the Greater London Authority will provide £400m of funding for 20 new housing zones on brownfield sites in London and another £200m of government funding will be given for 10 new housing zones outside the capital.


The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, has declared that the country has “beautiful landscapes” which are “part of the inheritance of the next generation”. He added: “If we want to limit development on important green spaces, we have to remove all obstacles that remain to development on brownfield sites”. LDOs will be placed on more than 90% of British brownfield sites that are considered appropriate for use in house building.


We can help with construction of many new British homes


Since 1964, residential building has been the core market of STREIF. In that time, we have developed a great reputation for building many different comfortable and eco-friendly British and German homes. Homes that we can build include detached, semi-detached, terraced, apartment and timber homes. This information and much other information on this website helps to explain why we at STREIF can help with building of many great new homes on British brownfield sites.