STREIF could help Cornwall to build the new homes it needs


Since April 2010, just before the current government came to power, there has been the provision of 24,080 new affordable homes in South West England. That’s according to recently-released figures, leading Brandon Lewis, the Minister of State for Housing and Planning at the Department for Communities and Local Government, to hail them as a “clear sign” of the success of the government’s long term economic strategy. However, the figures reveal that, of these new homes, a relatively small number – 2,990 – has been delivered in Cornwall. STREIF could, through use of timber wall panels and roof and floor cassettes, help in the addressing of this shortage.


Cornwall residents are “increasingly unable to buy their own homes”


Notably, in the last few years, there has still been a higher number of new affordable homes built in the county than in the London borough of Hackney and the cities of Birmingham and Liverpool – which saw construction of, respectively, 2,850, 2,810 and 1,580 new such residences. However, November 2013 saw the release of a Cornwall Council briefing stating that the number of homes being built in the region was less than 60% of what it requires. This situation, the briefing added, was leading to higher house prices and private rents and “making it increasingly difficult for people to afford to rent their own home, let alone buy one”.


Plus, Cornwall has experienced the biggest rise in social housing waiting lists than any other region in the country. This is according to a briefing note, with the title ‘Why Do We Need To Build More Homes’, which states that, in South West England, one in twelve households are currently on the waiting lists. Quoted in the note is a National Housing Federation report with the conclusion that, with the “cost of an average home in rural parts of the South West now nearly 13 times the average local income, people are increasingly unable to buy their own homes”.


Many great value self build houses can be constructed


Of course, a common obstacle to the construction of new homes is insufficient money to fund it. However, STREIF can help to remove such an obstacle due to the great value of the company’s off site construction services. High numbers of reliable self build homes can be put together quickly and surprisingly inexpensively thanks to this German timber frame construction company; don’t be afraid to look at more of our website and ask some of our previous clients to learn reasons why.