Here at STREIF we believe wood is good. Well we should do seeing that since 1964 our precision engineered German timber frame buildings have been constructed using timber. To ensure our buildings are manufactured to the highest qualities we need a timber which is particularly true to size, extremely resilient/durable and to match our ethos, very sustainable. This is why we choose to use Mark Brandenburg pine from Klenk Holz AG.

With three plants and their own timber harvesting company KLENK HOLZ AG plays a leading role in the wood industry. Ideally located for supply to the STREIF factory in Germany is one of these plants, the Baruth/Mark site 40 km south of Berlin, with sawn lumber of about 1.3 million cubic meters passing through the mill, it is the largest pine saw mill in Europe.

Thanks to its ringed, homogenous structure and high density, this type of wood is considerably more precise in size and dimensionally more stable than spruce or pine from other regions and with criteria such as stability, shape retention and straightness of absolute significance in construction timber, this is where the Mark Brandenburg pine excels.

Its high density makes the Mark Brandenburg pine a little heavier in comparison to other timbers, but better able to bear loads. All construction timber from Mark Brandenburg pine complies with the necessary certification and has helped the STREIF closed panel timber frame become the only timber system on the market to achieve BM Trada Q-Mark certification.

You can be sure that a German timber frame home from STREIF will last for generations and this is in part due to the timber we use with its unique solidity and antibacterial properties making a STREIF home a sustainable home. All the pine we use at STREIF supplied by Klenk Holz AG is from sustainably managed forests ensuring there will always be a plentiful supply of this top quality timber.

Check out the videos page on our website and watch the ‘From Trees to Homes’ video showing the highly modernised processing plant at the saw mill and how this timber is then used in our factory to build your home.