At STREIF we believe in our closed panel timber frame system and you should too. As a company STREIF has 83 years of experience in the construction industry and we have built an enviable reputation across Europe. STREIF has erected in excess of 80,000 buildings, that adds up to a lot of satisfied customers.

All our buildings are manufactured offsite in factory controlled conditions and using tried and tested materials ensuring levels of quality which just can’t be met using traditional onsite methods of construction. The closed panels and cassettes are manufactured by a highly skilled workforce with all processes being continually quality audited and updated as necessary. With all this happening offsite this vastly reduces the risks of accidents onsite and by the very nature of the closed panel system it has an inherently low fire risk. All our projects come with full health and safety planning and risk assessments as standard so you can be sure your project is in safe hands.

Whether you are a developer looking for a quicker return on investment or a self builder wanting cost and programme certainty you need look no further. Offsite construction means fewer delays from bad weather, we can provide you with a weather tight structure rapidly and therefore all follow on trades can be onsite whatever the weather. All this can add up to reduced build times of up to 50% over traditional construction methods and with the possibility of quicker lead in times (around 16 weeks from signing of contracts to delivery of the building to your site) it really is a no brainer.

We at STREIF believe in sustainable construction from tree to building. All materials used are ecologically sound with timber and mineral wool products having a much lower environmental impact than other products widely used in the construction industry and due to the panels being precision engineered in the factory what waste there is can be recycled or reused and as the building elements arrive on site complete there is minimal waste onsite.

On top of all this we pride ourselves on supplying you a highly energy efficient building. So really the question should not be ‘why use STREIF’, but ‘why are you not using STREIF’ for your next project?