The STREIF closed panel timber frame system has high performance environmentally friendly insulation at its core. If you have already checked out our website you will know the STREIF wall panel comes insulated as standard with Isover Metac mineral wool insulation between the main studwork and an Alsecco expanded polystyrene slab insulation to the external face of the studwork.

Isover Metac insulation is a mineral wool insulation which is a vapour permeable product resulting in a final construction which is breathable enabling any trapped moisture to escape from the structure. This is especially useful within a building with a timber structure.

The Isover Metac insulation provides excellent acoustic performance which when used in tandem with STREIF’s solid timber structure ensures a robust external wall construction and a peaceful internal environment whatever is happening outside your home. Isover Metac also achieves an A1 fire rating standard which provides excellent fire protection when combined with the closed panel nature of the STREIF system. STREIF provide the Isover Metac insulation with two different thermal conductivities 040 and 035.

Alsecco expanded polystyrene slab insulation forms part of the external insulation system of the STREIF wall panel. EPS is a non-toxic and biologically inert product and the expanding agent constitutes no threat to the ozone layer. As with the Isover Metac product, the Alsecco expanded polystyrene insulation we use comes with two different thermal conductivities 040 and 035.

Both these products have a very low carbon footprint at manufacture and during transport and fall in with the STREIF ethos well. When used in combination, these two insulation products enable the STREIF wall panel to achieve U-values right down  to low energy Passive House standards so we have all bases covered.