All STREIF off site manufactured buildings start life in the same place, our factory. The factory is located in the Eifel region of Germany, having been purpose built in the 1970s with a maximum output of 1500 houses per year. The factory is designed to be able to accommodate a variety of building types and uses machine automation to manufacturer the more standard panels and cassettes with a team of highly skilled workers to hand craft the bespoke elements for one off projects. This ensures a speed of fabrication which is hard to match.

For example a typical detached house would be manufactured in around two to three days with all the wall panels, cassettes, beams and associated materials being loaded onto the articulated lorries in accordance with a pre-determined loading schedule ready for distribution to site.

The journey to the UK is a well trodden route, the articulated lorries carrying your new home travel by road from the factory to Rotterdam in Holland, and then by freight ferry to Purfleet in the UK. The trailers then pass through customs and head out to their final destination, your site. The trailers will be delivered to site in accordance with the STREIF program. Normally a shuttle service will be operated where one trailer will be delivered to site and left to be unloaded and any empty trailers will be removed from site. This would normally equate to one to two trailers arriving on site per day.

With a little bit of careful planning from our design team, we can ensure that our skilled crane operators and lorry drivers can access even the most challenging sites, meaning wherever you are located we can supply and erect a STREIF timber frame building for you.