This National Apprenticeship Week, we’re giving a shout out to our colleagues at Streif GmbH.

In the factory where Streif UK building systems are manufactured, apprentices are employed across the business — from office staff to production staff.

Here’s a look at what National Apprentice Week celebrates and what apprentices mean in Germany. We’ve also included some feedback from the young people that help bring you our sustainable building systems and what they mean to us.

What is National Apprentice Week?

An apprenticeship involves providing the next generation of practitioners with training and sometimes study too.

Most training is done while working for an employer who will help an apprentice learn their trade or profession. This is completed in exchange for the apprentice’s labour for an agreed time.

Everyone, from UK education organisations to careers advisers, comes together to celebrate apprenticeships each 5-11 February.

In support of the government initiative National Apprenticeship Week, the successes of apprentices are shared to show how important they are to businesses and the economy.

The Department of Education’s theme for this year’s event is Skills for Life. These are something the apprentices at the Streif factory in Germany continue to achieve.

Apprenticeships in Germany

Part of Germany’s dual education system, apprenticeships are essential because finding employment without one is very difficult.

Around 50%-70% of an apprentice’s time is spent working with formal education accounting for the rest.

There are over 340 recognised trades for which an apprenticeship can be completed, including those offered by Streif GmbH.

Streif GmbH factory apprentices

With Streif GmbH you can learn the following professions:

  • Industrial clerk
  • Draughtsman
  • Bachelor of engineering
  • IT specialist for system integration
  • Wood mechanic specialising in the production of building elements and frame construction
  • Warehouse logistics specialist
  • Media designer digital and print, specialising in design and technology
  • Electronics technician, specialising in energy and building technology

Streif GmbH apprentices (centre) pictured with Managing Director Günter M. Mans (left) and Markus Scherb, Technical Manager Production Planning (right)

Pictured here are two Streif apprentices who have completed their training at Streif GmbH. Jana Harings (second from left) completed training as an industrial clerk and David Neyses (second from right) completed the examination to become an industrial clerk.

What Streif apprentices say of their experiences

Felix Becker, IT Specialist System Integration:

“After more than a year at STREIF, I have already been able to gain a lot of experience in my professional field and apply what I have learned directly to take on personal responsibility and work independently from day one.

“I face new challenges every day, which allows me to make my everyday work very varied. I feel that I am in good hands with the STREIF family and look forward to continuing to work with them.”

Milena Lorsbach, Draftswoman Dual Studies:

“For me, the dual study program at STREIF is the optimal mix of theory and practice. From the very beginning, I was involved in the diverse work processes.

 “Due to the proximity to the plant, I also get direct insight into the implementation of the plans we have created.”

Aileen Litwinski, Industrial Clerk:

“I was already very interested in the profession of industrial clerk before my apprenticeship, which is why I decided in advance to do an internship at STREIF. Through my internship, I was able to gain initial insights into the individual departments and get to know many employees…

“I decided to do an apprenticeship and not to study, as I wanted to gain practical experience in an industrial company and apply my theoretical knowledge in practice.”

Marilena Schmitz, Digital and Print Media Designer:

“I was interested in the profession of media designer long before I started my training. Through an internship at STREIF, I was able to gain my first insights into the prefabricated house company and get to know some of the employees.

Right from the start, I really liked the working atmosphere and the interaction among the employees… I was very well accepted into the STREIF team. My training is very diverse, creative and I enjoy it.”

David Hinterscheid, Industrial Clerk:

“In August 2020, I started my apprenticeship at STREIF without barriers and was integrated into the team right from the start. My first day at STREIF was exciting, all the new trainees in the team had to solve tasks that gave a brief insight into the different departments.

From day one, I was very professionally trained in every step of my new area of responsibility. I particularly like the fact that during my 3-year apprenticeship I pass through all departments of the administration and gain deep insights into the individual subject areas of the company.”

Streif UK and National Apprenticeship Week

We at Streif UK are proud of the opportunities our factory provides to future talent. Diverse skills and experience all go towards creating the sustainable building systems we’re known for. Without these German apprentices the precision and quality of our offsite manufactured building systems wouldn’t come to fruition so we doff our hard hats to them this National Apprenticeship day.

Contact our technical team to discuss your next sustainable construction project.