Further progress to report from Hailsham Community College… we have sunshine, and the floor cassettes are being lifted into position.

Our cassettes come from our factory stacked horizontally on the trailers and as can be seen from these great shots from site before we lift our cassettes to their final position we protect any exposed leading edges with our bespoke Edge Protection System. This is to ensure that once landed in their final position our site operatives can progress works in this area immediately in a safe and secure fashion.

As a company Streif are always looking to push to develop new health & safety practices to ensure we are leading the way when it comes to on site health and safety, combined with the fact our system already massively reduces the number of operatives and trades on site through manufacturing offsite, this is one of the major appeals to the forward thinking main contractor.

At Hailsham we have a core crew of ten operatives constructing a 2700m2 building in 15 weeks!