We were finally delivered a little sunshine in February and so we took the opportunity to visit a couple of our old projects on which we completed work in 2015 and handed over to the Main Contractor for fitting out and landscaping. Both projects were schools for East Sussex County Council where we provided the closed panel timber frame structure and were working alongside Baxall Construction Ltd (the Main Contractor). Robsack Wood Primary Academy consisted of a new nursery school with associated class rooms and at West Rise School we supplied and erected the timber frame panels for four new extensions to the existing school building.

Architecturally the two buildings are very different even though they are both single storey structures. Robsack has a high mono pitch roof with exposed glulam beams supporting the roof cassettes which ensures the classrooms achieve good daylighting levels through tall windows fitted in the timber wall panels to the front elevation. Externally the closed panel timber frame building is clad in Siberian Larch which looks stunning along the long elevations of the timber wall panels. This cladding to the timber wall panels will weather down nicely forming a silver patina with time. The composite timber aluminium windows and doors were supplied by Rationel finished in a Silver Grey RAL colour which compliments the cladding nicely and will even more so as the building weathers. When we visited, the nursery had opened it’s doors for business to the first class of children and it was good to see the space fit for purpose and being used by lots of happy children.

West Rise by contrast has a more traditional flat roof with standard floor to ceiling heights but nothing was traditional about the external finishes to the timber frame building which was clad with multi coloured Trespa panels interspersed with Sweet Chestnut timber cladding. Each separate extension was finished off with colourful canopies which provide shelter whilst the pupils are partaking in outdoor activities. The canopies were dotted with coloured domed roof lights to provide extra light to those playing below, a really nice touch by the architects.

So with both sites now fully landscaped and ready for action plus the sun shining it was a perfect day for a little photo shoot.


Robsack Wood Primary Academy


West Rise Junior & Infant School