With BIM Level 2 implementation taking force in 2016 and the government pushing for the ‘holy grail’ of BIM Level 3 and full collaboration across a single model in the future, all parties involved in today’s construction projects are having to up their game and exchange data and information in a very different way to years gone by. It is a brave new world out there…

Streif UK has been following this progression towards a single BIM model for all disciplines closely as many of the clients who utilise our closed panel timber frame system for their buildings have been using BIM for some time due to client requirements.

Streif UK has BIM capabilities across all of our operations in the UK & Germany, utilising a number of different software platforms depending on the process at hand. All the software we use is compatible and it is easy to integrate the Building Model across the different platforms using the IFC  open file format.

BIM has been the catalyst for rapid change in the construction industry which is increasing the demand for efficiency and shorter delivery times. Process integration and improved communications throughout the project life cycle are proving to be an essential part of this change. As a result, BIM is becoming the new standard for the construction industry.

Baxall Construction’s Hankham Primary School Extension Project for East Sussex County Council is an exemplar of BIM in action. The project demonstrates the efficiencies of modern methods of construction in combination with collaborative working between the client and its stakeholders, the design team and the supply chain.

The D&B project involved a new £1m extension, one of four school extensions carried out by Baxall Construction in partnership with off site construction specialists, STREIF, under the Sussex Cluster Framework Agreement.

The large extension, which included new classrooms and a hall, needed to be constructed quickly in order to minimise disruption during term time. As the Streif closed panel timber frame system is ideal for building quality quickly it was a perfect solution for this project.

From a proposed 42 week programme using traditional construction methods, the project was delivered six weeks ahead of the original schedule with client savings in excess of £0.25 million (18.6% of the original budget) – a sustainable BIM solution that generated whole life cost savings and more energy efficient school facilities.

So rest assured that Streif has full BIM capabilities across all of our operations in the UK & Germany and we can work with you to build your new project in time and on budget.