Progress on site is really coming along with second floor walls now in place around the staircores it is time to install the prefabricated steel stairs.

This is where the collaboration really comes into play, with the stair void being designed and constructed with a small tolerance to all sides allowing the offsite manufactured stair elements to be craned into position before roof cassettes are installed to close the void.

This is a tricky operation as the stair voids at Hailsham are nearly 10m high so dropping the lower landings into position takes real skill and coordination between the crane driver and our crew, all fitting into position with only millimetres to spare. This gives you an idea of the accuracy that the Streif system is manufactured to and is a real nod to the level of precision our site crews are constructing to on site.

On this occasion the main contractor had the steel landing and treads screeded and support posts installed off site to further improve quality and speed up installation on site.

True collaboration from design to site.