Another three school extensions for East Sussex County Council, all carried out alongside the main contractor Baxall Construction Ltd and designed by White Design Associates Ltd.

As always with school buildings time was of the essence and these needed to be constructed quickly in order to minimize disruption during term time. STREIF easily met this need for speed using our off-site construction system with each extension being fully erected in less than five days.

The buildings were designed to juxtapose the existing school buildings. All had the same contemporary look, combining a smooth white render finish and an angular flat roof to give each building some very modern lines. Each extension housed essential new classrooms and staff areas.

Due to these sites being both compact and in built up residential areas the delivery and unloading of the closed panel building system proved difficult but STREIF managed to work round this and we are now confident in our ability to provide the off-site construction option to even the tightest of sites.