At STREIF UK Ltd our aim is to ensure all our buildings provide a comfortable living environment whatever the weather is doing outside and are as energy efficient as possible, ensuring the end user is provided with a home with low running costs helping to reduce the impact of any inevitable future price rises from the utilities companies.

To achieve this we need to consider a number of important points. Firstly the building will need good levels of insulation and high performance windows/doors to provide a well insulated envelope, all STREIF timber frame components are of the highest quality with thermal performance to meet or exceed minimum Building Regulations requirements as standard. Couple this with a very efficient heating system to reduce those running costs further and a good ventilation strategy to ensure a healthy living environment and you have the makings of a very efficient building.

However this is where building air tightness plays a critical role. Air tightness is about minimising the uncontrolled flow of air both into and out of a building through gaps and cracks. Uncontrolled air flow accounts for a large proportion of the energy wasted in buildings. Achieving improved air tightness is a key factor in building contractors meeting the Government’s targets for reduced carbon emissions and improved energy efficiency.

The as built performance of a building must meet those of the original design but this is only possible where unwanted air leakage is avoided. The STREIF closed panel timber frame system excels in this area due to being precision engineered off site with all STREIF closed panel timber frame components being lined internally in the factory with Isover Vario KM Duplex membrane, this is a high performance membrane which is 3 time stronger than standard polythene membranes and is inherently breathable so any trapped moisture can escape from the building. The STREIF system will typically achieve air tightness levels of 1.50 – 3.00 m3/h.m2@50pa during on completion testing.

So you can be sure your new STREIF home will perform as it was designed too.