Built in 2013 for Westbourne House School and designed by architects John Brown Architecture, STREIF completed this mixed-use building alongside main contractor The Martin Sewell Building Company on time and within budget.

Externally the building was of traditional design with cavity brickwork and tile hanging under a natural slate roof to match the local vernacular. Internally however things were a little less traditional as the building was designed and built to be future-proof to the schools changing needs over the next 30 years. That meant no load bearing internal walls anywhere. This was easily achieved using the STREIF building system with all the steels built into the floor cassettes.

Two STREIF crews put up the 874m² building in 10 days including the felt and fly battening of the trussed roof. The watertight shell was then handed over to the main contractor, and the school was opened to the pupils and staff at the start of the new term in September 2013.