Built for Kent County Council and designed by HMY Architects, Knights Park School was the latest joint venture between STREIF and Main Contractor Baxall Construction Ltd.

The building is a two storey structure housing eight classrooms alongside a large double height hall which is 6.5m high and 15 metres long. The design maximises the use of natural light with multiple openings to all classrooms reducing the lighting load for the building and providing comfortable working conditions for the pupils. As Knights Park is a two storey school building STREIF ensured that all the structural walls provided at least a 1hr fire protection as standard.

The 1,573m² building features a large raised section over the hall to accommodate the photovoltaic array installation and wall U-values of 0.17 W/m2K which comfortably meet the requirements of current Building Regulations. Finished in cavity brickwork with a combination of light and dark cladding panels, the end product is a very smart building.