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Low Energy

Building Packages

The STREIF construction system is low energy as standard. Depending on your requirements there are several standard building packages available. If you require something different, please just ask as the factory can cope with a whole range of different configurations.


STREIF energy package
PLUS STREIF energy wall

The STREIF energy wall with its multi layer construction is the ideal prerequisite for a low energy house. It gives the best results for stability, thermal insulation, and acoustic insulation. Despite its slim construction, which leaves you with more living space, the STREIF energy wall has a great thermal insulation value of U = 0.22 w/m² K.

STREIF climate package 60
STREIF energy package
PLUS services layer
PLUS 4.4 m2 solar

With an improved wall construction and by installing a small solar thermal system it is possible to get down to an effective energy requirement of 47 kWh/m² which is significantly lower than the criteria for energy grants in many countries.

STREIF Passivhaus Package*
STREIF passiv wall U-value= 0.12 w/m2 K
PLUS thicker services layer
PLUS 4.8 m2 solar
PLUS air-water-heat pump
PLUS triple glazed windows
PLUS 200mm foundation insulation

The Passivhaus package is as good as it gets for building energy performance.

Heating requirements





Effective heat energy requirement is the energy required for heating the building after considering all the gains, losses, and demands in the building measured against useful floor area. The effective heat energy represents the energy consumption which has to be paid by the consumer.

* Actual heat requirement is dependant on the location, orientation, and glazing design of each specific project so can not be guaranteed.

Streif wall system

With the three layer wall construction and excellent thermal insulation values the STREIF climate wall is one of the best available within the building industry.

It has excellent stability, thermal insulation, and acoustic insulation. The addition of a separate services layer is ideal if you require that extra insulation for an improved U-value.


Streif energy wall






The U-value represents a measure of heat loss, i.e. the amount of energy which is transmitted through a build up of materials if there is a difference in temperature on both sides.

The lower the U-value the better the thermal insulation properties. With values of U = 0.12 W/m² K and its structural stability the STREIF climate wall is slim in construction therefore increasing the living space of your development.

 Streif CLIMATE wall




The bigger picture

Wall construction is very important, but is just one of very many building components that contribute to the overall building performance. To create an effective low energy building design the roof, floor, window, and door types must be carefully chosen as well.

STREIF supplies only tried and tested building products of the very highest quality. You can download an overview of a typical building by clicking on the links below:


Streif Energy Package - building section.pdf

Streif Climate Package 60 - building section.pdf

Streif Passivplus Package - building section.pdf

 Streif passivhaus wall