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About Us

The STREIF GmbH of today emerged from Germany's first specialized concrete formwork company, which was founded in 1929 by Josef Streif in Frankfurt Main. In the following years, the company developed into one of the major construction companies in Germany. Amongst other achievements, STREIF's patented formwork was used in the construction of the Berlin Olympics Stadium, the Frankfurt Exhibition Tower, The ICC in Berlin and the East Terminal at Frankfurt Airport.

A new era began with a diversification into the field of pre-fabricated housing in 1964. The seventies, eighties and nineties saw continual growth and by this time STREIF had established itself as the offsite market leader in family housing. Several sister companies were also created during these years and one of these companies, STREIF Industrial Facilities, gained an excellent international reputation in the setting up of factories for offsite production. Fourteen complete manufacturing plants were planned, built and handed over during this period, including the world's largest pre-fabricated housing factory in the Siberian city of Tyumen, which can produce up to 5000 houses per year.

In the early 2000s, STREIF underwent a complete modernisation programme, and developed a design and manufacturing process that allowed its increasingly affluent clients to tailor make almost limitless house types from a large but fixed set of building components. Since then, STREIF's main thrust has been in the provision of bespoke turnkey houses for individual clients across Europe, and  the continued supply of more generic house types through the acquisition in 2006 of Schwabenhaus GmbH,  which is a brand leader in this sector.

2009 saw the eightieth anniversary of the company and a continuing diversification and return into the field of larger project building for commercial clients in Germany, the UK and Luxembourg. Over the last few years, STREIF has built schools, care homes, halls of residence, apartment blocks, holiday parks and housing schemes amongst other projects, and as the advantages of offsite construction become more apparent to all concerned this market is expected to grow. No matter which market it operates in or who it serves, STREIF will continue to focus on quality, experience, innovation and service. It's a recipe that has kept the company ahead for over eighty years now and it's something that all of STREIF's future clients can look forward to.

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Our Approach

STREIF is committed to the integrated provision of the highest quality buildings for its customers, and to the belief that any business partnership must be based on two indispensable factors - reliability and performance. Buildings are built by people, and we at STREIF are as diverse as the products we make and the services we provide. But in that diversity, we have one thing in common - total dedication to the needs of our clients and a wish to see their desires fulfilled.  We will continue to focus on quality, service and innovation in every aspect of our actions, and to always think of tomorrow when we plan our buildings for today.   J. A. Vette (MD & Owner)


Our ambition

By using only renewable and non-toxic materials, combined with our quality craftsmanship and our innovative technologies, STREIF aims to provide its clients with future proof solutions that are environmentally friendly, energy efficient and cost effective. We would like to ensure the successful transfer of German high quality offsite manufacturing into the UK market and to build up the local resource base to support it. STREIF will continue to train its local operatives and to work with clients, architects and engineers in the UK to design and deliver buildings that are fit for a sustainable future. We have everything we need to get started, so let's build it.


Our Responsibilty

STREIF recognizes the importance of conducting its business in a socially responsible manner. This is demonstrated by the way we deal with our employees, customers and the wider community in which we operate. STREIF considers that corporate social responsibility is an integral part of good business practice, and we aim to adopt and apply best practice sustainability principles by ensuring that environmental, social and economic parameters are all considered in the delivery of our products and services. We offer schemes to reward our employees in recognition of their commitments and achievements, and we organise international apprenticeship exchanges for young people.


German Apprenticeships

Although dating back to the medieval system of trade guilds, journeymen and masters, the German apprenticeship system is still at the heart of its ultra modern economy and is regarded as one of the pillars of its success. Known as a dual system, apprentices spend most of their time learning on the job and the rest learning broader theoretical subjects relevant to the job at a college. There are currently around 325 recognized trades, and the three year courses are designed by employers and the government, in association with trade unions and trade bodies. To get a sense of how wide-ranging and well regulated the scheme is, visit the website of the German Economy and Technology Ministry.


Apprenticeships At Streif

STREIF has been committed to the apprenticeship system for several decades and currently has twelve apprentices or "Azubis" within the company. Six are training as timber mechanics "Holzmechaniker"  in the factory and six are training as industrial business management assistants "Industriekauffrau" in the offices. On the successful completion of their final exams, they will become qualified journeymen or "Geselle", and if they so choose they can then go on to train as masters or "Meisters". The timber mechanics enjoy the use of STREIF's well equipped training workshops and IT suite, and are taught everything there is to know about offsite construction under the watchful eye of their own licensed master trainer or "Ausbilder".


International Exchange

STREIF is pleased to offer exchange schemes to apprentices in the UK and elsewhere, and has recently completed short exchanges with the YMCA and Seddon Construction that saw two English trainees working alongside their German counterparts in the Weinsheim factory. One of the trainees Joe Seddon said of his visit - "I had a really interesting time and was able to bring a lot of knowledge back to the site. STREIF is at the cutting edge of modern methods of construction and it’s been a great experience to learn more about the approach and see it in action." In the field of business administration, STREIF has also recently participated in a longer exchange scheme with partners in India.



Our Clients

  STREIF has built up a substantial client base over the decades and now has over 80,000 contracts to its name, with many of them repeat contracts. Most of these clients have been private individuals in Germany, but STREIF has also... more


A run-down of our latest news including full details of any up and coming projects in which STREIF UK are to be involved. We also release technical bulletins and details relating to our closed panel timber frame system...   more


Check out our videos page its a great way to get a feel for the STREIF system, to see it working on site and discover how good our buildings really are. The videos are a selection of photo montages, television news items and television shows featuring our buildings... more

Contact Us

If you have a current project which you would like to discuss with STREIF or would like further information in relation to an going project which we are involved in, then please get in contact with one of our technical team who will be on hand to help... more